Who is
The Fartknocker?

And why is he always knocking? And farting?

You'll never know unless you buy this book.
And even then, you may still never know.

So go ahead and gamble your money away
by purchasing this book. Or don't, The Fartknocker doesn't care.

Or does he?

The Fart Knoctober: Whiff of the Fartknocker. By Robert Bulbody

This book is hilarious!

– Probably Someone, Somewhere

I laughed so hard, I farted!

– The Fartknocker, Himself

An introspective look at life in the Post-Information Age and the constant, nagging pressure inherent in an always-connected lifestyle

– Larry, North Carolina
Look Inside! The Fart Knoctober Book Cover

The Fart Knoctober
Whiff of The Fartknocker

Filled with mystery, humor, suspense, and nonsense,
this epic comic thriller follows the story of a boring man named Robert Bulbody who finds himself haunted by the paranormal hijinks of a magical misfit wizard named The Fartknocker. Using his dark fart arts magic, The Fartknocker sparks Robert's personal transformation from mild-mannered into vigilante.

The Fartknocker, an urban legend.
Is he just a bully? Or is there more to the story?

The Fart Knoctober is suitable for
kids, young adults, and grown ups.
For any weirdo with a twisted sense of humor, this comic quickie will tickle your farty bone.

The Official Butt Hat Seal The Fart Knoctober Secret Society Membership Oath

I, ,
do solemnly swear that I...

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