The Ultra Top Secret Kit


Ultra Top Secret Dossier Folder Measures 9″ x 12″

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What is The Fart Knoctober Secret Society? Is it hard to become a member? Or is it as simple as purchasing this marketing gimmick? Well… there’s only one way to find out!

The Fart Knoctober Secret Society’s Ultra Top Secret Kit includes a copy of The Fart Knoctober: Whiff of The Fartknocker book, as well as The Fartknocker’s Rad Van. But wait, there’s more! Also included is a Membership Card to The Fart Knoctober Secret Society and The Fart Knoctober Secret Society’s Sticker (Light) and Sticker (Dark) – “Woah! Two stickers!?” Yep. So now you get to decide whether you are on the Light Side or the Dark Side of the Fart Force… whatever that is supposed to mean.


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